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Strong Passwords

  • April 1st,
  • by Razvan Gavril

Having a strong password is not a easy skill to master. I’ve seen a lot of various password generators on the Internet, they all suck and you have a big chance to generate the weakest password you’ll ever have. Why is that, because it may be so strong that you will probably need write it down in order to remember it.

Totally Fail: Random nonsense password. How you’re going to remember ‘x5Lt7B7Bm8′ if you’re human? Let’s say you take you time and learn it, you’re still exposed as you’ll tend to use it on all your accounts. Remembering a different strong password for every account … that’s ninja stuff.

Fail: Use a easy to remember dictionary word and replace letters with signs. That’s useless, how you’re going to remember what letters/signs association? Multiple letters can be assigned to multiple signs. Was it pa22w0rd or p@s2w*rd orĀ  …. damnnnn !

Not so Fail: Associating the random letters form the password to random words and remembering the words. That’s nice but why to remember random words when you have ..

Win: Words that make sense :

  • ’1 For the Money, 2 For the Show, 3 to Get Ready…’ = 1Ftm,2FtS,3tGR…
  • ‘I was born in 1982′ = Iwbi1982
  • ‘Will not work for less than 150USD/h’ = Wnwflt150U/h

How do you remember your password ?

(papa – HOTEL – UNIFORM – sierra – papa – Nine – bravo – romeo)

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  1. Jack Triber said:

    I use Password Safe, standalone program I can run from my Dropbox or USB. My online banking password is 63 characters of pseudo random goodness. I only need to remember the master password.

    July 27, 2010

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