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Razvan Gavril

Birth Date: 10 April 1982

Address: Str. Profesor Paul, Iasi, Romania


Phone: +40766685123

Work Experience

Self Employed


Jan 2010 - Present

I've started working as a freelancer in order to earn some extra money and keep myself connected to the IT world I now offer freelancing services in various fields :

  • Asterisk and Linux consultancy
  • Custom VoIP solutions based on Asterisk/Freeswitch
  • Web Development (PHP, Wordpress ..)

Co-Founder and Owner

Telesoft SRL,

Dec 2007 - Present

Telesoft is a small size / hobby Romanian company which I together with a friend created. We started as a VoIP/Linux consultants agency but in the mean time we developed some in-house voip solutions that took the business to another level. Now the company is self sustained and focused in offering telephony and voice services for Romanian jail facilities.

From the technical point of view I've become very familiar with telephony solutions, especilay open source alternatives like Asterisk and Freeswitch and started the Starfish-PBX open source project.

Linux IT Engineer


Dec 2004 - May 2008

PlutoHome are the creators of a open source, linux based media and home automated solution. The company developed various projects, one of the popular ones being the Ubunutu based Linux MCE distribution ( The time spend with the company gave me a chance to improve in various domain related to open source software and linux. Since every day came with a new challenge it’s very hard to summarize my work there in a few words.

Create and maintain custom Debian/Ubuntu distributions used for delivering the home automation solution that the company developed.
  • Maintain and create deb packages and repositories
  • Create installers for the distribution or various software (gtk/c/bash)
  • Writing automatic build and test script (bash/c/vmware)
  • Develop low level distribution tools: customized update system, configuration scripts (bash/c)
  • Debugging, report and help fixing bugs in various open source projects (gdb,strace,kernel hacking)
  • Customize various opensource software
Software Development:
  • Develop software to interconnect or configure various existing open source software with the company’s developed software (bash/c/php)
  • Develop software to configure different media and home automation devices : nas, routers, voip phones, media devices ... (bash/c)
  • Consultancy for the linux development newcomers concerning open source technologies suitable for their tasks
Consultancy and Onsite Development :
  • 2007 Moxi - Digeo, Seattle WA : Worked on porting part of our software to Moxi PVR (RedHat based) box. Had a demo for Paul Allen and company representatives. (
  • 2007 MBC Solutions - ConvergeX, Dubai UAE : Consultancy and information exchange concerning home automation. (
  • Kept trac of technical details with engineers from partner companies : Via, Nvidia, Monster Cable

Software Developer


Jun 2002 - Dec 2004

Easeweb is a small size US-based software development company with offshore developers in Eastern Europe - specializing in mission-critical application development and IT services. The company was specialized in developing web applications and services to US clients. Most of the developers where working in ASP and but with only small department developing on LAMP.

Web Development: My greatest achievement there is that I developed a modularized php/mysql based CMS used later to develop various websites inside the company. I also server in developed some web services and some specialized web sites, also lamp. With this job I came is touch with lot of technologies that serve me well even today as I was the web standards geek in the house: xhtml, css, ajax, soap, json, some seo.

Desktop Development: From time to time I was also worked patching some VB 6.0 and .net application but this was not my main job there.

Linux Administration: Being the only linux person (at that time) in the company I also took care of the company’s development and production servers: apache / mysql installation and configuration, samba, svn, qmail.


Gheorge Asachi Technical University

Computer Science, Iasi, Romania

2001 - 2007

Stefan Procopiu Technical Hischool

Informatics, Vaslui, Romania

1997 - 2001