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SSH as a Socks Proxy

  • May 28th,
  • by Razvan Gavril

Did you know can transform any machine that you can ssh to into a quick and secure socks proxy? I find that very useful in at least 2 scenarios:

  • Trying to access an web application from a private network. A example would be to configure some network devices (nas, voip phones) that are located on a client’s internal network
  • When you’re on a unsecure network, like a wireless hotspot and you’re afraid that your password can be sniffed

All you need to in order to get your proxy going is open a ssh connection to your ssh server the -D param, like this:

ssh -D 8081

After the ssh login you need to configure your browser to use as a socks proxy and you done with it. Note that other applications can use a socks proxy too, not only the web browser.

If you’re from the windows world you can use putty also but I won’t cover that here.

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