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Byobu: Screen on Steroids

  • March 16th,
  • by Razvan Gavril

I use screen on linux for a long time now and I always knew there’s something more into it but I was to lazy to customise it or learn more that basic functionality. If you don’t know that the screen does and you regularly work with remote ssh sessions, especially on crappy Internet connections, than you have a big problem and you could really use a rtfm.

Browsing the Internet  I bumped into this application called Byobu. The name doesn’t say much, if you’re not a Japanese speaker, but it worth installing as it completely improves the way you work with your screen sessions. There’s a package available for Ubuntu 9.10, don’t know about packages for other distributions and to tell you straight I don’t even care.

Here’s the ubuntu package description : “byobu includes a set of profiles for the GNU screen window manager. These profiles are quite useful on server machines which are not running a graphical desktop.  The ‘screen’ command provides a number of advanced features are not necessarily exposed in the default profile.  These profiles provide features such as status bars, clocks, notifiers (reboot required, updates available), etc.  The profile-switcher allows users to quickly switch their .screenrc to any of the available profiles

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