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Custom Ubuntu Server ISO

Remastering the Ubuntu Desktop ISO is easy considering the existing graphical tools but did you ever wanted to build your custom Ubuntu Server Edition ISO ?

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SSH as a Socks Proxy

Did you know can transform any machine that you can ssh to into a quick and secure socks proxy? I find that very useful in at least 2 scenarios:

  • Trying to access an web application from a private network. A example would be to configure some network devices (nas, voip phones) that are located on a client’s internal network
  • When you’re on a unsecure network, like a wireless hotspot and you’re afraid that your password can be sniffed

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Ubuntu SVN Setup

If you’re looking over the perfect subversion setup in ubuntu you’re at the right place. I’m a long time subversion and ubuntu user and I’ll try to share some info on how I keep my source code safe. This article will cover how you can setup your own webdav enabled, multi repository subversion server.

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Simple Asterisk Watchdog

Asterisk is pretty stable but from time to time it may crash so it’s better to be prepared for that. A hour of downtime may cost a lot of money if you have a heavy used server. Want a quick solution to automatically restart asterisk after a crash? This little bash script will do the trick.

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Byobu: Screen on Steroids

I use screen on linux for a long time now and I always knew there’s something more into it but I was to lazy to customise it or learn more that basic functionality. If you don’t know that the screen does and you regularly work with remote ssh sessions, especially on crappy Internet connections, than you have a big problem and you could really use a rtfm.

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