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Jquery Version in WordPress

WordPress comes by default with jquery, that’s good until you want to use some other version. A quick method would be to find out where wordpress stores the jquery js file and replace it, unfortunately that won’t be very helpful as it may get overwritten at the next upgrade or you may not have access to the actual wordpress installation as you’re developing a theme.

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Custom Google Voice Widget

Google Voice has very usefull click to call widget that you can add on your website but .. it’s flash it’s big and I don’t like it. I wanted something that I can customise and that can run without flash (ex. on iPhone) so I looked under the hood to see if I can create a html only widget, and it’s actually quite easy.

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Cooking with WordPress

A site that caught my attention the other day and it worth installing a rss reader just for it’s feed is WpRecipes. The website it’s a interesting lecture for everyone that’s developing website using wordpress as it has a lot of short and very useful ‘recipes’ to customise wordpress.

As a bonus, if you like the website you can check another other website by the same author: Cats Who Code. Have fun cooking!

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Byobu: Screen on Steroids

I use screen on linux for a long time now and I always knew there’s something more into it but I was to lazy to customise it or learn more that basic functionality. If you don’t know that the screen does and you regularly work with remote ssh sessions, especially on crappy Internet connections, than you have a big problem and you could really use a rtfm.

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